Company Profile

nullMeniko Shipping is the newly established agent of Thasmar Shipping Co. Ltd which specialises in the fields of Freight Forwarding and Logistics. With more than three decades of solid presence in the International Freight Forwarding and Third Party Logistics industries, Meniko Shipping provides a gateway in meeting the needs of the 21st century and the challenges of globalisation.


Meniko Shipping provides solutions for both air and sea transportation, as well as logistics services on a global scale. With our international network of freighting partners, we can offer a broad range of services in addition to port to port shipping. Carefully selected network of partners from all over the world guarantees a reliable and cost effective door-to-door service. Our exclusive associates fully accept our philosophy, values and ideas, which is setting high standards and quality service in order to meet your transport requirements.

nullMeniko Shipping is a customer-oriented company, always aiming in achieving excellent results that will satisfy the most demanding customer. Our experienced and specialised staff is committed to offer optimum solutions suitable for your needs. This assures fast, reliable and secure transportation of your cargo to its destination.

Innovation and Professionalism

This is our strength. Always one step ahead, anticipating client’s future needs. Allow our experienced personnel to help and offer our expertise.

Balance Sheet 2012 - Ισολογισμός 2012 (in Greek)
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